AIOD Scholarship

The educational scholarship advertised by AIOD Germany e. V. serves to support young doctors who are in continuing education and training to become trauma surgeons/orthopaedists. It is for participation in the AIOD courses on the island of Sylt as well as the trauma course in Alpbach, Austria. In 2019, the AIOD awarded scholarships of up to €1,500 each. AIOD Germany e. V. will make all decisions regarding the allocation of scholarships.

Prerequisite for scholarship acceptance:

The scholar must:

1. submit the duly completed application documents to the AIOD Germany administration office
2. be training to become a trauma surgeon/orthopaedist
3. produce a recommendation from their Consultant Doctor and approval from their employer
4. write a report about the course they are attending

Please submit your application in writing with the enclosed application form to AIOD Germany e. V.

Download the application form (PDF)

Contact: info(at)

AIOD Germany will make all decisions regarding the application, the number of received applications and those waiting to be approved, plus the amount of the annual scholarship budget. Regulations for the allocation of educational scholarships are available at the AIOD Germany e. V. administration office.
We would like to expressly note that this merely concerns support of the applicant. AIOD Germany will not take out any form of insurance for the applicant. AIOD Germany cannot be held liable for any risks or costs.
Any tax-related matters concerning the scholarship are the responsibility of the applicant.

Once an application has been received by AIOD Germany, the applicant accepts all the provisions of the provider.