AIOD Job Shadowing

In the future, AIOD Germany e. V. will also offer clinical job shadowing placements. Centres are available for this purpose which can offer very specialised training in such fields as spinal surgery, endoprosthetics, arthroscopic surgery and burn medicine. Job shadowing should also take place in hospitals with a focus on specialist trauma surgery/multiple trauma injury treatment, hand and plastic surgery, foot surgery, septic surgery and paediatric orthopaedics/paediatric traumatology. AIOD job shadowing should appeal to colleagues who are already in the "special trunk" of their specialist medical training. However, even experienced doctors have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts at the respective job shadowing hospitals, thereby deepening their knowledge. Depending on the different options, the job shadowing periods last up to four weeks and will be financially supported by AIOD Germany if required. Please contact us if you are interested in a job shadowing opportunity at one of our partner hospitals. If the requested hospital is not listed, we will of course do our best to establish a point of contact. Please send us your written application for job shadowing (together with the length of time and your requested hospital) and enclose a written account of your scientific background plus certificates/reports or a letter of recommendation from your current employer.

Application for job shadowing

Contact: info(at)

AIOD Germany will make all decisions regarding the application, the number of received applications and those waiting to be approved, plus the amount of the annual job shadowing budget. We would like to expressly note that this merely concerns support of the applicant. AIOD Germany will not take out any form of insurance for the applicant. AIOD Germany cannot be held liable for any risks or costs. Any tax-related matters concerning the job shadowing placement are the responsibility of the applicant. Regulations for the allocation of job shadowing placements are available at the AIOD Germany administration office. Once an application has been received by AIOD Germany, the applicant accepts all the provisions of the provider.