AIOD Academy

AIOD Germany e. V. promotes training and further education in the fields of orthopaedics and trauma surgery. This includes dynamic, less invasive surgical procedures for bone fracture treatment, research for the development of new surgical procedures and implants, plus intensive research into the treatment of trauma injuries.

In order to continue imparting these results and experiences to interested colleagues, AIOD Germany has held numerous workshops, seminars, symposia and courses all year round on a wide variety of core topics since its founding.

For this purpose, there are a number of venues available, the facilities and/or arrangement of which are suitable for specific priorities. When compiling the annual programme, we attach great importance to a well-mixed blend of tried and tested "classics", which deal with the same recurrent focal points, plus events involving very innovative procedures, therapies and techniques. Starting this year, all the seminar events have been held and organised via the newly founded AIOD Academy gGmbH.

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