Task forces

Trauma working group

Head: Prof. Dr. med. Christian Hierholzer

In AIOD Germany, the trauma working group has the longest-standing tradition. This tradition is based on the founding concepts and on the name of the AIOD (A = Association, I = Internationale, O = pour l´Ostéosynthèse, D = Dynamique).â?¨Alongside the classic topic of intramedullary nail osteosynthesis, AIOD Germany has also dealt intensively with external fixation techniques
from very early on. Today, the spectrum of activities for continuing education within the trauma working group includes all aspects of trauma surgery. Fundamental questions concerning biomechanics and fracture healing are as much a part of our work as fracture treatment methods using plate osteosynthesis, which has experienced a substantial improvement thanks to the introduction of angular stability.â?¨Naturally we also cover the aspects of specialist trauma surgery, paediatric traumatology, pelvic traumatology, as well as expert and professional policy issues. Our objective is to teach young colleagues about
modern trauma surgery in both theory and practice, and to initiate, assist with and discuss current developments in trauma surgery with experienced colleagues and experts. The members of the trauma working group organise and coordinate continuing education events for AIOD Germany in the field of traumatology for surgical staff and doctors.

The working group has the following members:
- Dr. med. Jörg Franke, Stade
- Dr. med. Karsten Gruner, Erfurt
- Prof. Dr. med. Christian Hierholzer, Zurich
- Dr. med. Michael Weber, Saarlouis
- Dr. med. Oliver Trapp, Murnau

Hand surgery working group

Head: PD Dr. med. Christof Meyer, Saarbrücken
Deputy Head: Dr. med. Thomas Giesler, Braunschweig

The AIOD Germany hand surgery working group emerged from the hand surgery courses that have been conducted since 1998 by the Clinic and Polyclinic of Trauma Surgery at the University Hospital Giessen, in cooperation with the local Institute of Anatomy and the AIOD.
Their job is to hold regular events that teach basic and advanced knowledge of hand surgery through practically-oriented opportunities in continuing education.
This is firstly achieved by the aforementioned surgery courses, which are defined by the intensive individual participant support provided by the lecturers and tutors. These courses are intended for colleagues in training as well as for experienced colleagues who want to refresh their knowledge and surgical skills. In addition, the working group arranges an annual symposium in which a topical hand surgery issue is discussed intensively in scientific lectures and critical discussions.

The working group has the following members:
- PD Dr. med. Christof Meyer, Saarbrücken
- Dr. med. Thomas Giesler, Braunschweig
- Dr. med. Nils Baas, Murnau
- Prof. Dr. med. Gabor Szalay, Gießen
- Dr. med. Jan-Christoph Willms-Jones, Hamburg

Foot surgery working group

Head: Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Mückley, Erfurt

The foot surgery working group was established during the AIOD course in Sylt in 2007. The working group set itself the objective of bringing together the foot-related specialist disciplines of trauma surgery, general surgery and orthopaedics to discuss current topics. Among other things, the working group arranges annual courses with exercises using specimens, including cadavers and artificial bones. The courses are made possible through the kind support of the German Society of Foot Surgery e. V. (GFFC) and the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Lübeck.

The working group has the following members:
- Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Mückley, Erfurt
- Dr. med. Guido Köhne, München
- Dr. med. Kai Olms, Bad Schwartau
- Dr. med. Torsten Randt, Bad Schwartau
- PD Dr. med. Matthias Aurich, Borna
- Dr. med. Johannes Gabel, Murnau
- PD Dr. med. Kajetan Klos, Mainz
- Dr. med. Nicky Schettler, Erfurt

Arthroscopy working group

Head: Dr. med. Gotthard Knoll, Leipzig

The AIOD Germany arthroscopy working group has set itself the task of maintaining a technical and scientific exchange of ideas, and making the resulting findings available at AIOD events. Interest is primarily focussed on arthroscopic procedures, but also on open joint surgical procedures. In addition to common operations for treating injuries and diseases of the knee and shoulder joints, arthroscopic techniques on the ankle, hip, elbow and wrist joints are also included.

The members of the arthroscopy working group run thematic workshops on a regular basis. In line with the principle "from clinical diagnosis to treatment", algorithms are presented that will impart the participants with knowledge that can be used in everyday clinical practice. The participants can then put their theoretical knowledge into practice on joint models and human specimens.

These highlight events are held twice a year as two-day long arthroscopy courses in cooperation with the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Leipzig and the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Leipzig. Instructors from the working group impart practice-relevant knowledge in a friendly, cooperative atmosphere and provide qualified instruction during surgical exercises using human specimens.  .  

The working group has the following members
- Dr. med. Gotthard Knoll, Leipzig
- Dr. med. Mario Bottesi, Dresden
- Dr. med. Thomas Engel, Leipzig
- Dr. med. Reinhard Junghans, Leisnig
- Dr. med. Frank Händschke, Stade
- Dr. med. Theodoros Pavlidis, Gießen
- PD Dr. Matthias Aurich, Borna
- Dr. Michael Eckertz, Dinklage
- Iris Lasser, Göppingen
- Dr. med. Thomas Gangl, Neumünster

Spinal working group

Head: Dr. med. Oliver Gonschorek, Murnau

The working group set itself the objective of bringing together the spinal-related specialist disciplines of trauma surgery, orthopaedics and neurosurgery to present current topics from the various points of view of the different specialist disciplines. The similarities and differences should create a powerful basis for discussion for future-oriented, certified training.

The working group has the following members:
- Dr. med. Oliver Gonschorek, Murnau
- Dr. med. Martin Lewandowski, Bremen
- Prof. Dr. med. Nils Hansen-Algenstaedt, Hamburg
- Dr. med. Sebastian Katscher, Borna
- Prof. Dr. med. René Schmidt, Göppingen
- Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Ulrich
- Dr. med. Jan Vastmans, Murnau