The Senate was established on Thursday, 27th October 2011 at the AIOD Germany General Assembly. Senate members are laureates of the AIOD award and former presidents of AIOD Germany.

Dr. Wolfgang Roth, Felsberg, was appointed as spokesperson for the Senate.
Prof. Volker Bühren, Murnau, Dr. Hermann Krämer, Neumünster, PD Dr. Ludwig Schroeder, Schleswig, Dr. Gernot Asche, Freudenstadt, Dr. Kord Westermann, Wienhausen,Prof. Lutz von Laer, Basel and Prof. Christoph Ulrich, Göppingen will support the future activities of the Senate.

The Senate invites active participation in the association's activities. The objective is to advise the Managing Committee and to provide assistance. The (non-contributory) membership of AIOD Germany is a prerequisite for participation.

The Senate meets at least once a year during the DKOU in Berlin.

Should you have any questions, please send an e-mail to or else contact the AIOD office on +49 (0) 201 894 5162.



Dr. med. Wolfgang Roth,

Felsberg-Senate spokesman

Dr. med. Kord Westermann,